I Received a Promotion!

Thus far, my 2019 is off to a great start!  Right before Christmas, I was notified that I was granted a promotion I applied for at my full-time job.  I work in state government and have a fairly small office (roughly 30 full-time employees).  I’ve been with the office for almost five years and this is only the second time a supervisory position has opened up (my office has four middle managers/supervisors plus our director and deputy director).  I felt confident in my abilities and thought this position was a great fit for my skill set, and I’m glad our director and deputy director agreed!

It has been an exciting change and I have stayed busy learning my new tasks and working with my new staff.  There are five staff on my team (there will be six once a vacancy is filled).  In addition to overseeing their program areas, I also lead a major grant for the office and manage the office’s on-call program.  This position certainly comes with quite a bit of added responsibility, but it is something I am so thankful for.  I have been looking for a new challenge, and I think I’ve found it.

Since this is primarily a personal finance blog, I wanted to break down the financial aspect of it and translate this into what it means for my wallet.  Monetarily, it is not a huge impact as it will only amount to about $2,000 more per year, but it is better for the long term especially since I will be classified in a higher pay grade than my previous position.  The experience itself is invaluable to me and makes the added responsibility more than worth it.

In other income news, I just found out I was requested to be a facilitator for an additional class at the university beginning next week.  I have facilitated for the primary instructor before, and she’s absolutely fantastic.  I’m honored she requested me for her class.  I was already contracted for one other class this term with another wonderful professor (who was one of my favorite instructors when I was an undergraduate).  I am paid $3,050 per class, so an extra $6,100 during January and February will be a great income boost.  I am incredibly thankful to have these opportunities, especially since I shared last week that I decided to quit waiting tables.  I truly believe you attract what you put out into the universe and what you show you are ready for, and by focusing on improving my personal finances and working hard to increase my income, these doors have opened up for me.

Talk to you next week!


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