My $60 Pantry

I have always loved organization, order, and farmhouse style.  I have finally been able to mesh the three perfectly in my home with an added bonus – it was done on a budget!

Pantry 2.PNG

A little history on this…

-My house does not have a pantry or really any space to build one.  Considering how obsessed I am with the “#pantryporn” trend on Instagram, it’s amazing I was willing to even consider buying this house!  My next house will DEFINITELY have a pantry.  It’s pretty much non-negotiable at this point!

-I have been thinking about how I could create a similar space to store my dry goods.  With the help of an old cupboard and some new glass canisters, I was able to achieve it!

Pantry 3.PNG

-My mom found this cupboard in a 1900s barn on the hobby farm we owned while I was in high school.  My dad thought it was junk but my mom knew it was a hidden gem.  She replaced the broken glass on the doors with chicken wire and cleaned it up.  Voila!

-I love this cupboard and have had it in my dining room since I moved in two years ago.  Unfortunately, while it’s been a storage spot for some pieces of glassware and miscellaneous, I wasn’t really utilizing it for much.  It was taking up space without living up to its full potential.  I decided to revamp it and turn it into a pantry.

-Now, I have the perfect space for storing my pasta, crackers, rice, and other dry goods that is also visually appealing.  I even have a spot on the bottom for my “bar.”  It reminds me of an old general store!

Pantry 4.PNG

-My cost for this project was minimal (roughly $60).  These glass jars are from Anchor Hocking and run between $3.99 and $5.99 each.  I think that is a fantastic price, especially considering their size.  They look so clean and uniform when on a shelf together.  I purchased mine at Menards and The Container Store.  I am sure several other stores sell them as well.

-I was unsure about how this would go at first, mainly because the shelves on this cupboard are awfully narrow.  I figured I wouldn’t be able to fit much on the shelves while still being able to close the doors.  These glass jars ended up being the ideal size and style for the cupboard.  They were a perfect fit!  My other concern was the weight on the shelves.  The jars are heavy, even more so when filled with a couple of pounds of rice and pasta.  This cupboard is sturdier than nearly all of the modern day ones I have.  I’m not worried about it at all!

-Granted, what would have normally been the most expensive part of a project like this (the furniture piece) was free, which made a difference; however, this just goes to show that with a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, you can create a functional space that works for you!  Take a look at some items in your home that are currently wasted and see how you can retrofit them to work for you.  Your home should be full of items you love, and while it’s been a process, I’m definitely getting there.

What are some home projects you’ve tackled on a budget?  What were your results?  Let me know in the comments!


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