Automobile Maintenance

Hi, friends!  It has been a few weeks since I last posted on the blog.  I have been terrible about this lately.  I was great about posting weekly, but life happens and it feels like most of the time I don’t have that much of interest to say. 🙂 So, for now I’m going to continue at least doing my monthly recaps but occasionally posting when I experience something that may be of interest to the personal finance population, which is what this post is all about.

Two weekends ago, I was visiting Mike in Clark, which is a two and a half hour drive from my house.  Just as I was about to leave, I started my car and the tire pressure indicator was on.  One of my tires was down to 15 psi when it should be around 30.  Mike has an air compressor so he inflated the tire back to its normal range and I headed out.  A few days later, my indicator came back on and that same tire was back down to 15 psi.  This also just so happened to be the day before Mike and I were planning to leave to camp at a state park that is a three hour drive from where I live.  I went to a gas station, inflated my tire, and made an appointment for first thing the next morning with a local tire place.  My coworker’s brother works there, so he texted his brother and made the appointment for me.

Only two hours after dropping off my car, the store called and said my vehicle was done.  I asked what was done to it (since I wasn’t sure if I just had a hole in my tire or if there was something more serious wrong with the vehicle).  The representative on the phone said the oil was changed, my tires were rotated, and a nail was found in my tire so they repaired it.  I was thinking, “I didn’t ask for them to change the oil…” but hung up and decided to handle it in store, thinking maybe she was mistaken.

Upon arriving, my coworker’s brother confirmed that the oil was changed.  He said, “We ended up using synthetic even though you normally do regular oil, but we won’t charge you for it.”  I said, “Well thanks, I’m not sure why my oil was changed in the first place.  I didn’t ask for it.”  He said, “In that case, you’re getting a completely free oil change!”  He thought my coworker asked about an oil change and tire repair, but after referring back to his texts, he realized it was his mistake.  He didn’t end up charging me for a single thing, so I received a complete free synthetic oil change, tire rotation, and tire repair!

While I was at the store, I decided to ask about buying new tires for my vehicle.  I had budgeted $700 several months ago but hadn’t yet spent the money since my current tires were doing fine.  I decided that I will replace them before this next winter since they have about 50,000 miles on them and are the original tires from when I purchased the vehicle four years ago.  This store had a Memorial Day sale happening, so they were offering a $50 instant rebate plus an $80 mail-in rebate card (it’s like a Visa gift card that can be used anywhere for any purchases).  After those rebates, my total for the tires and installation was $616.30.  I paid for the tires that day and they will store them for me and install them once I am ready this fall.

Mike thought the price of the tires seemed a little expensive given their size, but since I had budgeted $700, it was right in alignment with what I was expecting.  Plus, since the store showed such fantastic customer service with my tire repair, I am absolutely willing to give them my business.  I was extremely appreciative they handled that situation so well and it shows me they take care of their customers and want to earn and keep their business.  The extra few dollars I had budgeted for the tires will be placed in my emergency savings fund.

Next week I will post my May financial analysis/recap.  Talk to you then!



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