May 2019 Recap

Hi, friends!  I can’t believe how fast time is flying.  How is it already June!?  I guess it is so true what “they” say about time going by so much more quickly with every year you age.  I didn’t think I would experience it quite yet at the ripe old age of 27, but here we are!

This month was my last for my teaching paychecks until September when the fall semester begins and enrollment numbers are higher.  I’m hopeful I will have enough opportunities to teach that I can max out my limit of facilitating three classes per semester.  That would be an extra $9,000 in four months!

I completed four mystery shops this month and am awaiting reimbursement.  I will receive a profit of about $30, plus I was able to fill up my nearly empty gas tank and receive several snacks and beverages from gas stations for free as a result of these shops.  I find these are definitely worth my time!

My spending was abnormally higher in some areas this month.  I bit the bullet and bought a pair of Tieks flats in matte black (I still cringe when I think about the price tag)  but they truly are the most comfortable pair of flats I’ve ever worn.  I was so tired of my toes being pinched and backs of my ankles getting blisters from improper, cheap footwear.  Even a couple of spendier pairs of flats from J. Crew wreak havoc on my feet.  I am hopeful these will last for a long time and become my solid choice for everyday footwear so I can ditch the other pairs of flats I have.  I did a lot of research on these before purchasing and I’ve seen nothing but positive reviews.  Their customer service also sounds fantastic, so I think these shoes are a good investment.

Mike and I also went camping over Memorial Day weekend and I paid for almost all of the gas since he bought quite a bit of our food and also paid for the site reservations.  For his upcoming birthday, I bought Mike an RTIC 65 quart cooler, which set me back a couple hundred extra dollars. #bestgirlfriendever.  PS – I can post this because as of the publishing date/time of my post, the cooler will have already been delivered to his house and opened. 🙂

My net worth increased from ~$84,000 to $87,000.

Here’s an update on how I divided up my leftover income for the month:

  • To Emergency Savings Fund (50% of my leftover income): $425.55 – To truly be comfortable with my emergency savings fund, I would like to have about $20,000 saved up, which equates to about 5-6 months of living expenses for me.  So far, I have $7,500 in a high-yield savings account.
  • To Home Savings Fund (25% of my leftover income): $212.77 – I want to keep this fund fairly well stocked so I can work on home projects as I have the time and energy.  Some of my upcoming plans include finishing the trim in my basement, painting my basement family room, and doing some minor landscaping around my house.  I have about $4,500 in the account.
  • To Travel Savings Fund (25% of my leftover income): $212.77 – I recently moved this fund into a high-yield savings account since I don’t need to access the funds on a regular basis and wouldn’t need to withdraw them in a hurry.  My friend and travel buddy from college and I are planning a trip to Europe this fall, so I’m currently saving up for that event.  There is also a two week-long alumni trip from my college planned for January 2020 in Italy, which I would love to attend if possible.  I have $4,300 in this account.
  • Cash Flow for Family Room Furniture ($1,500): I’m slowly going through the process of upgrading things in my home as I have the money to do so and make my house look more intentional and adult-like and less college apartment-y.  I haven’t yet decided on which exact pieces of furniture I will purchase, but I plan to buy a sofa and a recliner.  I only have my electric fireplace and a trunk in that room right now, so it’s looking a little bare!  I want to paint the room and tear up the carpet before I bring furniture in there, but I will have this set aside for when I’m ready.

June’s income will be lower than May’s since I won’t have my teaching income.  I have a few mornings of nanny duty and a couple of mystery shops planned.  Fortunately, I don’t have any trips or other major expenses expected, so hopefully my leftover income for June will still be decent.  It will again be split between my emergency savings fund (50%), travel fund (25%), and home repair fund (25%).

Have a great week!



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